Whop Dashboard


Manage and win disputes, right from your dashboard.


Managing disputes is often a complicated, cumbersome process. So we built Disputes to simply this process and help you win disputes with ease.
When a customer submits a dispute, your bank (Stripe) creates an investigation to determine the legitimacy of the disputed transaction. Before making a decision, Stripe lets you submit evidence and details about the disputed payment to strengthen your case (For more information on Stripe's dispute process, click here).

View disputes

From the Payments page, click "View disputes" to see all of your active, won, and lost disputes.


Managing Active Disputes

View details

Click "View details" to view more info about a given dispute.

Submit to Stripe

Send payment details directly to Strip to expedite the dispute process. From the dispute details page, you can view/edit payment details before submitting. When you're ready to send your info, click "Submit to Stripe."
Stripe may take several weeks to settle a dispute. The results of their investigation will update on your disputes page as "Won" or "Lost".
Pro tip: Maximize your chances of winning a dispute by adding your Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy to Whop. You can add these documents on your Settings page.