Track every payment from your members.
The Payments page displays all of the payments from your members. Quickly browse your list of payments to view payment amount, status, member, pass, payment type, payment method, date, and more! Filter
Filter your list of Payments by type, time, Pass, and payment method. You can also search for specific payments with the search bar.


To change the way your table is sorted, click on the column titles to toggle order and change title. For example, clicking "Amount" will re-sort the table results based on amount paid (large to small). Clicking "Amount" again will reverse the order, re-sorting from small to large.

Payment Details

Click on any payment to view more details.

Action options

  • Export CSV: Exports payment data as a CSV file. Apply filters to the table before exporting to get a targeted data set!
  • Retry All Payments: Retries all Past due payments.
Your payments page will be empty until you Set up Payments.
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