Whop Dashboard

View / Edit Plan

Customize your plans for your needs
Reminder: Plans are specific payment options for your Pass. You can add multiple Plans to a single Pass.
Click into a pass to view all of its experiences, member statistics, and Plans. Use the clipboard icon to copy a link to your plan, or select the three dots to open the plan action dropdown.

Plan Action Dropdown

  • Edit plan details: Change the stock, visibility, custom url suffix, or nickname for your plan. Note: The price of a plan cannot be changed after creation
  • Archive/Delete plan: Removes the plan from your dashboard. Plans with active members cannot be deleted and instead can only be archived.
  • Create release link: Creates a unique copy of the plan known as a Release link. This link can have its own stock, free trial days, url, and added password protection, but the Pass and price remains the same!
  • Transfer plan: Transfers the plan, and all of its active members, to a different Pass. Members under the plan now receive the Experiences tied to the new Pass.