Whop Dashboard

Create a Pass

Start selling your first digital experience.
To create a pass, click the "+ New Pass" button in the top right. You can choose from one of our popular templates, or create a new pass from scratch.

Name & Description

Give your new Pass a name and description. This helps customers get a better idea of what you're selling (or giving away for free) and what experiences are included.
Pro tip: Name your pass something short and sweet, such as "All Access", "Basic Membership", or "VIP Access". Don't include details about the price or currency in the pass name... those details will be handled in the plan details section (more on this later).

Add Experiences

Experiences are the things your Pass unlocks. The most common experiences on Whop are Software, Discord roles, and Content. Your Pass can include one experience or many—it's totally up to you.
To learn how to create a new experience, check out our doc on Experiences.

Pass Icon

Add a pass icon so your members can easily identify your pass. We recommend uploading a square 400x400px image.
Pro tip: Don't upload a circular image. Our software will automatically crop your image into a circle.


Members can buy this pass multiple times: Enable this setting to let members buy your pass multiple times. Disabled by default
Pass transfers: Enable this setting to let members transfer their pass to other users on Whop.
Custom key prefix: If you're selling a software experience, this setting lets you customize the first 5 letters of members' license keys.
Don't forget to hit Save !