Whop Dashboard

Adding Plan(s)

Add ways for people to pay for your pass
After you Create a Pass, you'll need to add at least one Plan to the Pass to set price, release method, currency, stock, and more. You won't be able to sell your Pass until it has at least one Plan.

Add a Plan

Click the + New plan button on the Pass Details page to add a new plan.


The Price section will allow you to input the price you would like to charge for your plan, and the amount of time in which the plan will give access for. You can also add an initial one-tim fee and free trial period (optional). Clicking the "Per Month" drop down will allow you to select one time payment option if you would like your membership to require manual renewals
Accepted payment methods displays the different payment options your customers will be able to pay with. The more, the merrier! Payment methods include Credit / debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto, and Coinbase Commerce.


The release section includes the method in which your customers will access your Pass. There are three options for release methods:
  • Buy Now: Customers can immediately purchase your Pass (recommended)
  • ​Raffle: Customers can enter a raffle to purchase your Pass.
  • ​Waitlist: members enter a waitlist for the opportunity to purchase the pass
    • Note: Members are required to enter their card information at checkout regardless of release method so they will be automatically charged if selected in delayed release methods (raffle / waitlists)
If you would like to input a specific stock amount click "set limited stock" and input your desired stock number. Leaving this checkbox unchecked will set an unlimited amount of stock.


Control who can see your Plan.
There are 3 visibility options:
  • Visible to everyone: Anyone on the internet can view your Plan. This is best if you're trying to reach a large audience.
  • Unlocked with a password: Customers must enter a password to view your Plan. This is best if you're trying to keep your Plan a secret.
  • Hidden (secret link): Customers can only view your Plan via a secret direct link. You can customize the link and can change it at any time. This is best if you're trying to keep your Plan a secret, but don't want customers to have to enter a password.


Requirements allow you to restrict who can purchase your pass. Requirements create a barrier for customers to checkout, so we don't recommend them for most use cases, but they are helpful when exclusivity is important. Here is an overview of each:
  • Customer must own existing pass(es) in order to claim: If you're releasing a second pass on Whop and you only want members who own an existing pass to be able to claim/purchase the new one, you will select those passes here.
  • Customer must own NFT(s) in order to claim: If this is turned on, you'll be able to select which NFT(s) a user must own before being able to claim/purchase this plan.
  • Customer must follow on Twitter in order to claim: If this is turned on, you'll be able to add a Twitter account you'd like users entering your allow list raffle to have to follow first (via oauth).
  • Customer must be in Discord server in order to claim: Here you can add Discord server ID(s) that a user must be in to be able to claim/purchase this plan.
  • Only specific Discord IDs can get access: If you're only looking to allow a certain subset of users enter, one way you can lock it to only those users is by obtaining all of their Discord ID(s) and inputting them here.
  • Do not allow people in specific servers to get access: If you know of some bad eggs out there, or don't want users from a specific community being able to enter your raffle, you can add the Discord server ID(s) here you'd like to exclude from being able to claim/purchase this plan.
  • Only specific wallets can purchase: If you'd only like certain people to be able to claim/purchase this plan. and you want to gate it by ownership of a wallet address, you can paste in a list of all of the wallet address(es) you'd like approved to enter and users will need to verify ownership of the wallet to enter.
  • Reject fresh Discord accounts: One of our more fun features is the ability to reject any Discord accounts that don't meet a certain age requirement.


In the advanced settings section you will find an extra set of options for your plan
  • Nickname: name your plan so it’s easy for you to identify internally. This will help your team distinguish between your different Plans for a given Pass. Plan Names will NOT be visible to customers. They're for your eyes only 😅
  • Collect Text response(s) at checkout: If you would like to collect a custom response from your customers before they can check out, check this box and input the type of reponse you woud like to collect and the question you will be asking
  • Customers can only get this plan once: This will make it to where customers cannot purchase this plan again, even if they purchase and cancel the plan
  • Customize link suffix: Input a custom suffix that will appear at the end of your plan direct link ex: https://whop.com/company/custom-suffix
  • Customers can enter a custom checkout quantity: Allow your customers to input a quantity of the plan to purchase