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Whop Dashboard is your one-stop-shop to start, manage, and grow your business.

Stats & Insights

The Home page displays high-level stats and insights about your business. It helps you make decisions and stay up-to-date with customers, memberships, and cancellations.
The two most important stats for your business's success are Total Memberships and Total Revenue. You can toggle between these two stats using the dropdown on the graph. You can also change the date range, currency, and membership filter to update the graph in real time.
To view more stats about your business, click the "View all stats" button in the bottom right corner of the graph. This will open the Stats & Insights page.



Below the graph on the Home page is your Activity feed. Unlike the graph, which visualizes your growth over time, the Activity feed displays live updates about your business... in real time.
You'll get an Activity alert when any of these things happen:
πŸ‘€ Page view - When someone views your company’s marketplace page
βš”οΈ Affiliate referral - When an affiliate successfully refers a new customer
✌️ Expiring soon - 24 hours prior to a membership canceling
πŸŽ‰ New member - When someone joins a pass
πŸ’¬ Discord roles claimed - When a member claims their Discord roles
πŸ’³ Updated payment method - When a member updates their payment method
☒️ Membership canceled - When a member cancels their membership
πŸ”‘ Key reset - When a member resets their software key
πŸ”€ Key shuffled - When a member shuffles their software key
🌱 NFT mint - When someone mints an NFT from your collection
πŸ—ž Whop Digest - Curated news updates from Whop


Click the Customize dropdown to customize the Activity alerts you want to receive. For example, if you want to stop receiving alerts for Page Views, simply uncheck "Page Views" from the dropdown menu.

Sounds ON/OFF

Knowing what's happening with your business IRL is important, so each alert plays a unique sound when it happensβ€”so you don't miss a beat.
But we get it... sometimes you need silence to focus. So you can easily toggle on/off Activity sounds by clicking the "Sound on/off" dropdown.


Quick Actions

From the Home page, you can quickly jump to the pages that matter most using the quick actions on the right-hand side.

Active Passes

Displays your most popular Passes. Click on a Pass to jump to its details page, where you can view/edit the Pass Details, Plans, and Members for that pass.

Engagement Tools

Displays useful Apps that you can add to your business to engage your audience. Click on an App to jump to the App Store page.

Learn with Whop Docs

Displays popular Docs, like the one you're reading now!
Have a question? Shoot us a message on Discord. Our support team is here to help :)
Keep reading to learn all about Passes and how you can use them to sell access to, well... anything πŸ‘‡
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Your business at a glance.
Stats & Insights
Quick Actions