Whop Dashboard

Edit Page

Make changes to your pages
Click on the page that you wish to edit. When hovering over a line of text a + button will appear for more options.

Content Type

Clicking on the + button will open up a content type menu. From here you will be able to select to add the following types of content:
  • Text: This is your standard plain text
  • Heading 1: Big section heading
  • Heading 2: Medium section heading
  • Image: Click to upload an image from your device
  • Tweet: Paste your tweet link to embed a tweet
  • Video: Paste a video link to Embed it to the page
You can add multiple images, tweet embeds and videos to a single page

Deleting / Unpublishing

From the page that you want to delete or unpublish, click on the more options icon on the top right of the page.
Delete: This will permanently delete the page
Unpublish: This will unpublish the page and remove it from your user's view