Whop Dashboard
Manage Collabs with other busineses
Collaborate with other companies on Whop!

What are Collabs?

Collabs enable owners to add pass ownership pre-requisites from other Whop businesses to their own Passes! That means Company ABC can require customers to own Company XYZ's pass in order to checkout. Collab Codes
Share your Collab code with other Whop Businesses to initiate a collab. If you receive an external collab code, select the orange New Collab button to input the code and send the company a collab request. Filters
Manage your collab requests, invitations, and active collaborations using the three filter tabs on the Collabs page.
  • Requests: Invitations to collaborate with other companies. Click Accept to enable cross company pass pre-requisite options.
  • Sent: Your pending collaboration requests. Other companies respond to these in their own dashboard.
  • Active: Active Collabs! Click End collaboration to terminate the Collab. After termination, cross company pass pre-requisite options are no longer available with the other company. What happens if my member cancels their pass from the other company in a collab? Whop actively monitors pass ownership for Collabs after checkout to ensure members own both passes. Example: if Company ABC requires members to own Company XYZ's pass, a member who cancels their XYZ pass also loses access to their ABC pass.
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