Whop Dashboard

New Affiliate

Set custom affiliate rewards for different Plans and users
Click New Affiliate to enter the affiliate setup flow. Then, owners choose which Plans the new affiliate(s) can refer users to.
Individual Affiliates
Set custom affiliate rewards for individual users on Whop. Use this feature to give special rewards to your most trusted affiliates.
To add a specific user, click "+Add by username" and enter their Whop username or email. Next, set the reward they get when they refer customers to your Plan.

Any Member

Set a general affiliate reward for all your members. Anyone who owns at least one of your Passes will be able to claim this reward when they successfully refer a customer to your Plan.


Set a global affiliate reward for anyone on the internet. Anyone who successfully refers a customer to your Plan can capture this reward.

Reward Options

  • Reward Type: Rewards can be a fixed amount (in USD) or percentage of the total purchase amount.
  • Reward on First Payment: For subscription payments, Affiliates will only be rewarded on the first payment, not all recurring payments.
  • Reward on Every Payment: For subscription payments, Affiliates will be rewarded on every recurring payments.

Edit Reward Options

Click the edit button in the top right corner to right of the affiliate to edit the reward of a given affiliate plan.